2005 Champion - Ben Cunningham


Nidan Ben Cunningham’s NAS Titles are not simply testimony to the hard hours of training, they are the fruit of a fervent self-belief and dogged determination. This is Ben, second title he’s won in as many years.

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2009 Champion - Samantha Palmer


The 2009 National All-Styles Australian Championships came to a thrilling conclusion in Melbourne on 28–29 November, with Luke Croxford walking away with the men’s Champion of Champions belt, and Samantha Palmer amazingly picking up a record-breaking third straight Champion of Champions win. We talked to these karate champions to find out more about their winning ways.

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2005 Champion - Karen Stone


By the time Karen Stone found herself in the Champion of Champions round, she knew she could walk away with the title — she’d already beaten her opponent earlier in the day. “It’s something I’ve been working toward for a while,” says Karen.

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2003 Champion - Craig Lennox


Fellow Go Kan Ryu 2nd Dan, Sydney’s 28-year-old Craig Lennox, won his first Champion of Champions title by using cunning and speed to beat a larger and experienced opponent in 2001 winner Glenn Hutchison, also from GKR.

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2006 Champion - Samantha Short


Samantha entered the 2006 NAS Championships only days before the tournament. She had been suffering from a strained hamstring and had been undecided about her fitness. A greater obstacle, however, and something that would make her victory all the more meaningful, was the recent passing of her sensei, Alan Murdoch, of Shukokai Karate.

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2007 Champion - Samantha Palmer


Samantha Palmer may sound like a new name, but her maiden name of Goulter will be recognised from NAS tournaments over the past six years. She is now recorded as being the first Victorian GKR karateka to win the NAS Champion of Champions title.

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