Arnold Multi-Sports Festival


Arnold Schwarzenegger & Silvio Morelli (CEO - Blitz Publications), would like to personally invite you to the inaugural Arnold Classic Australia Martial Arts Festival, on the 13th, 14th & 15th March 2015, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

waso-nas-arnold-classicThe Arnold Classic Martial Arts Festival will feature 8 multi discipline martial arts events for adults and juniors.

The World All Styles Organisation and its Australian arm, the National All Styles tournament circuit, bring together a multitude of martial artists of all ages, skill levels and styles for competition and camaraderie in equal measure. Whether you’re ready to show your skills in point-sparring, continuous sparring, forms/kata, weaponry, self-defence demonstrations or extreme MA — or you just want to see some of Australia’s best martial artists in action — you’ll want to be at the Arnold Martial Arts Festival’s World All Styles Championships.

The Arnold Classic WASO Championship is a Goodwill event open to all Martial Arts practitioners regardless of affiliation.

Other events:

  • Arnold Taekwondo Championship
  • Arnold Karate Championship
  • Arnold Kung Fu Championship
  • Arnold Kyosushin Karate Chmpionship
  • Arnold BJJ Championship
  • Arnold MMA Championship
  • Arnold Kickboxing Muay Thai Championship

Compete in one or more of the many martial arts events on offer. Competitors will also be in the running to receive 1 of 16 Adidas Combat Scholarships to the value of $500. These scholarships will be presented to a number of competitors as an encouragement award in recognition of their positive sportsmanship and performance attributes.  More details of these scholarships can be found at

adidas Scholarship

  • 1 adidas uniform
  • 1 set of safety equipment
  • 1 Groin Cup - Chest Protector - Hand & Feet Protector
  • 1 pair adidas sports shoes
  • adidas leisure gear

Value: Over $500


Every registered competitor will receive an event entry kit including: 


  • 3 day Expo pass valued at $75
  • Arnold Classic commemorative T Shirt and Poster,
  • Health and fitness products
  • Sports supplements
  • VIP gym pass
  • Adidas Equipment voucher
  • Shaker/Drink bottle
  • Digital magazine subscription and a copy of
  • Blitz Martial Arts magazine plus much more 


Valued at over $345


Early bird registration available. Save $25 now!

When: 13th, 14th & 15th March 2015

Venue: Melbourne Conventions & Exhibition Centre

Register today to compete