Queensland - Round 3

Event Report

QLD gearing up to the 2022 State Championship!

After more rain, more Covid-19 and or influenzas whatever letter is in front of it these days struck, we were happy and very appreciative of those competitors and supporters who travelled to attend round 3 at the Runaway Bay Indoor Sports Stadium on the Gold Coast. All attending this tournament anticipated an intense day as this being the final event for one to qualify for invitation to the 2022 State championship on the 11th of September.

Mr Casey welcomed all, thanking everyone for their attendance and once all information regarding the States and the National titles was given the official bow-In was done, Mr Casey instructed all Officials to get their rings organised and begin their first division for the day.

New clubs attending for the first time displayed excellent talent in both forms and sparring, this really kept a lot of the regular attendees on their toes. There was no doubt that they will be a force to be reckoned with at future events!

Early Start: Male black belt open forms competition as usual had the highest of standards. Mathew Densmore – RMAA Shotokan had all judges agree his performance was the best of the morning, awarding him scores to put him into 1st place, not too far off the mark and in 2nd place was Sifu Jason King – Brisbane Kung Fu, in 3rd place was Sensei Andrew Riley – Titans Karate Academy. Point sparring saw Mathew Densmore come up against a very experienced Brett O’Driscoll – Success M/A, Mathew utilizing his fast arm and leg techniques to outscore Brett giving him 1st place and Brett 2nd, In 3rd place Richard Marlin – Success M/A.

Demonstration divisions got off to a great start and the spectators were treated to some excellent performances from various styles. Creative Weaponry Extreme Senior, in 1st place Gregg Williamson, and 2nd place going to team member Clayton Hillier – JMAMA. Creative Weaponry Extreme (0 to 12 years) 1st place Zoe Petrie – JMAMA. Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, taking out 1st place Zoe Petri - JMAMA, 2nd place going to Rowan Dennis – Brisbane Kung Fu; Traditional Weaponry 13-17yrs was an all-out RMAA Shotokan win taking 1st place Harriet Knijff and in 2nd place Oliver Lowry. Traditional Weaponry Senior, 1st place went to Clayton Hillier - JMAMA, Jason King – Brisbane Kung Fu 2nd place and 3rd place going to Greg Williamson - JMAMA. Demonstration 0-12yrs, had Elizabeth Reimers – Bonsai Karate take home 1st place.

High lights of the day. The aged divisions between 11yrs down to under 7 years Pee Wee’s are always assured to have large numbers of competitors with enthusiasm and attitude sent to test their Officials and this was the fact with the following divisions and although we are unable to mention them all we certainly congratulate them all for a good day of competition and sportsmanship they show each other off and on the mate. The Pee Wee’s point sparring final was such a division which had mums, dads and coaches sitting on the edge of their seats. Dyuthi Nishanth – Bonsai Karate taking home 1st place was out to make their mark in this division against Brodie Colley – RMAA Shotokan...both were on fire, Dyuthi came out with all guns blazing scoring with a quick concession of punches to take first points. 3rd place going to Edward Cole – RMAA Shotokan.
Male 10 to 11 years continuous division had teammates from RMAA win 1st and 2nd place in this order, Joshua Jamieson over Rikkie Alder and in 3rd place was Samuel Reimers – Bonsai Karate, all had to compete a large number of children within this division to be victorious, we congratulate you all.
Female 12 – 14 years continuous division saw competitors being eliminated with mixed feelings, however in the final Samantha Densmore – RMAA Shotokan vs. Elizabeth Reimers – Bonsai Karate…talk about a nail biter, this match had everything, excellent ring craft, spectacular kicking combinations. Eventual winner Samantha Densmore, taking home 3rd place Aaliyah Barrett-Collins – Kung Fu Southside. The male division saw a trifecta win to RMAA Shotokan, in 1st place Angus Colley, 2nd place Oliver Lowry and in 3rd place Noah Anderson.

These next divisions are what our junior ranked, and aged groups aspire to as they are very strong in their actions while performing or competing, whether it be in forms or point sparring. The female black belt forms with a very strong form/kata had Melissa German – Success M/A take home 1st place, Karen Young – RMAA in 2nd place, 3rd place going to Danielle Hall – Success M/A. Point sparring final saw Kahlia Smith out score her opponents to take home 1st place, 2nd place going to Karen Young – RMAA Shotokan, 3rd place going to Danielle Hall – Success M/A.

Finally, to the NAS officials and staff who put on their black and whites and generously give up their day to ensure the NAS competitor has the best tournament experience possible…thank you all so very much. To Mrs Caroline Kennedy for over-seeing the table officials, many thanks!
Special thanks to Kristy Heitman for being our safeguard for those who are injured throughout the day and last but by no means least Mr Steve Mannix, Combined Sports and Fitness Supplies for ensuring the competitor had safety equipment for the days events

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Queensland State Titles on the 11th of September, Gold Coast QLD where the team will be selected to represent their State against all other states at the 2022 National Championships being held here on the Gold Coast 26th and 27th November…it is going to be a big one…go Queensland!!!

Yours in martial arts

Mr James Casey


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