Appin Hall Children’s Foundation - End of Year Newsletter 2015


In July this year, Appin Hall received notice regarding an application to Kentish Council that the NBNCo (+ Ericsson Australia) were proposing to erect a 60met high telecommunications facility within 20met of our northern neighbouring property. In response to this development application, we submitted a Letter of Objection to Kentish Council based on the fact that many of our clients (children suffering serious illness) are already compromised due to illness, treatment + chemotherapy.


Celebrate the Child Concert.
Thanks to all who supported 10 years of our ‘Celebrate the Child’ concerts

After months of begging the powers that be: Local Council, the Tasmanian Government and the then Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull (and others) the outcome was that no response was forthcoming with considerations to re-locate the proposed wi-fi tower approx 10klm south of our facility on to Crown or Forestry land. Our Board of Directors agreed that our first choice was to find a large property (approx 700 acres) in Tasmania near Cradle Mt or down south in Huonville to re-build the Appin Hall vision in order to not ever have a wi-fi tower installed close to our Respite Centre in the future. However, we have now looked further a field with plans to relocate in the high country of Victoria offering young people specialised camps comprising camping, fishing, kayaking, snow skiing, bushwalking and nature study.

Currently, 85% of clientele are sourced in Tasmania via hospitals, medical professionals, social workers, psychologists, child protection agencies, public awareness programs and community organisations focused on Youth at Risk. However, over the past 20 years, Appin Hall has invited families from the Mainland for respite and timeout from the pressures of children with illness. In the not too distant future the Foundation will be working in reverse: flying Tassie families and youth camps to Victoria for holidays.


“After 20 years of living in paradise, I have come to understand that everything is about energy: how we power our homes, the cars we drive, industry, the foods we eat – even our thoughts! At Appin Hall we have worked in harmony with Nature to develop a special dream and to build a principle of worth to be enjoyed by so many. Through energies, such as vision, compassion, human understanding, collective goals, goodwill, care and love – these attributes were not only infused in the land and buildings, they have now become a vital part of who we all are – something you cannot buy. As we move to Victoria, and relocate closer to our family and grandchildren once again, we will always remain focused on bringing about these changes to the next generation and indeed the venture. Because without them we would not feel safe and alive!” RONNIE BURNS


appin-hall-breakfast appin-hall-group-shot2 girls-playing-board-games
Breakfast  Group shot  Girls playing board game


The Healthy House Organisation Girls Camp from St Helens and St Marys

In November we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming a group of beautiful young girls to Appin Hall from the east coast to participate in a 4-day Camp that would end up being confirmation of the transformation that can unfold when everyone feels at home and are having fun. Aged 14 to 16 yrs the ten girls, most of whom hardly knew one another, soon got to mix and enjoy the opportunity to have time out, take pleasure in a remote nature camp, eat heaps of delicious food – and partake in various activities they least expected: archery class, circus acrobatic session, Quiet Cone meditation and gonging session, Aquatic Centre swimming, Tasmazia maze – along with lots of tennis and bike riding. It will not be long before we will be inviting these girls [and other young people’s camps and families] across Bass Straight for a wilderness camp in Victoria.

girls-on-bike archery-class aspergers-autism-camp
Girls on bikes Archery class Aspergers + Autism Camp


“The sky isn’t the limit; the mind that sees the sky is the limit” – Byron Katie


Two new Children’s Story Book titles from Appin Hall - great Christmas gifts for children:



‘Koko’s Sea Adventure’ by popular children’s storyteller Sylvia Berger $20ea with all proceeds to Appin Hall. Purchase online: Through the wonderful photography of Julie Ewing (Lifeworks Photography, Melb.) and exceptional talents of Frank and Caydence Bezzina, this book features yet another wacky adventure this time on board the Spirit of Tasmania. Our thanks to Frank, Sylvia and all the people who donated their time to bring about this second children’s title.



‘Wes, the Wildlife Adventurer’
also written by Sylvia Berger $20ea with special offer: 2 for $40! Available online: or write Appin Hall, Locked Bag 8, DEVONPORT, 7310, TAS $20 + $7.50 p+h A great storyline message accompanied with illustrations by Scotty O’Leary. The real life Wes [the wildlife adventurer] spends most of his time in the bush. He inspires children to swap electronic gadgetry for real life experiences.


SPACE at Appin Hall

It is always heartwarming when past visitors to Appin Hall ask if they can return. After taking part in our ‘Reconnect’ (6 week educational skills program) earlier this year, students from SPACE Learning (Devonport) recently revisited Appin Hall for a relaxing day + barbecue lunch. It is wonderful to hear positive feedback about our programs, reconnect with the young people and hear ‘good news’ stories about them finding employment, continuing their studies and other personal achievements. It has been a pleasure getting to know coordinators Moene and Cindy - and we wish the young folk every success in the future.


“I am not afraid, I was born to do this” - Joan of Arc


As we prepare to depart Tassie to build a new vision, there are many individuals we want to thank as we have become better people as a result of their kindness and the extraordinary gifts they brought to the project. Special thanks to the remarkable dedication of Sylvia Berger whose love for the children and proficient grant writing talent hit the mark and kept the engine room running full steam! We wish everyone immense joy for their future plans and aspirations - for you have all been an inspiration to us and the kids who came to our door. OMG! What a great Team effort – we could never have done it without you! Sincere thanks and gratitude to our amazing volunteers, generous private donors, invaluable corporate philanthropic sponsors, community groups/organizations and our hardworking staff for your invaluable support. As a result of all your love and respect we were able to present a place of beauty, peace and harmony for the children who needed to feel cared for. And we plan to re-build and do it all again because our children are the most important people in our lives. Our Newsletters, Facebook and communication will continue. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Maggie & Ronnie Burns

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