Appin Hall Children’s Foundation Newsletter 2011

What an amazing year! Especially within the diversity of the clients and User Groups who visited Appin Hall for respite, healing and timeout from the trauma of having a child disadvantaged by serious illness.

Families Report

We continue to be humbled by their courage and bravery to push on against the odds – and yet, at the same time, we see their willingness to rise to the challenge – which truly has inspired us all. Throughout this year our stalwart donors, volunteers, friends and corporate supporters have kept rallying knowing these children and families continue to need our help. They have understood that what is needed is not just a „one-off‟ band-aid to rectify the challenges and hardship these families suffer.

And so our hearts continually go out to the children who make their way to our door – and just want to have fun because that is what they are here for. They are able to relax and unwind, to enjoy the beauty of nature and simply enjoy much-needed time out.

appin-hall11-pic1 appin-hall11-pic2 
Adelaide family on-site Choosing clothes to take home  

Volunteers and Supporters

We can never praise or say enough that would amplify the grateful thanks Appin Hall has towards our marvelous volunteers, donors and supporters. Combined, they are all vital links in the fabric of care that is being offered to visiting families – it is through their amazing dedication that the project bounds ahead to meet objectives. The achieved results are brought about by the love these people have in their hearts and the understanding they hold as to what must be achieved to provide a high level of care, safety, - and administration toward this endeavour.

"You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete " - Buckminster Fuller

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 Kae, Maggie, Sylvia and Mark Volunteers Jenny Poon & Ros Young 
 appin-hall11-pic5  appin-hall11-pic6
Charity Ride Open Day team  New Garage and Workshop 
 appin-hall11-pic7  appin-hall11-pic8
 Keynote for Burnie Polytechnic Freight Office in Snow 
 appin-hall11-pic9 appin-hall11-pic10 
 Budding Tennis Champ  Interior of Dining Hall

"The expression 'Home is where the Heart is' is most pertinent in this equation ... because people invariably feel at Home when their hearts connect or remember the affection of „family love‟. Therefore, what we focus on at Appin Hall is primarily the Children – and of course their family"
- Maggie Burns

Statewide significance

A keen interest is beginning to emerge from a variety of people within the Tasmanian and Mainland communities recognizing Appin Hall‟s contribution and social enterprise within our community. People from all walks of life have asked to come to our facility to see what has been achieved. These people incl. Tasmania‟s Leader of the Opposition: Will Hodgman (whose early research and studies incl. Child Protection), The Commissioner of Children Tasmania: Aileen Ashford, Tasmanian Fire Service, Chief, Mike Brown, Retired Tasmanian Premier; David Bartlett and Family, Author Bryce Courtenay – along with many Rotary and Lions Clubs across Tassie.

In addition, the amazing stream of volunteers who put their hand up to help our kids continues with the most heart-felt people arriving from Tasmania and other States. We have enjoyed working with a dedicated team of social workers and many families have come to Appin Hall as a result of their referrals. Other referrals come through health industry professionals: hospital nursing staff, oncologists, doctors, psychologists, shelter group administrators – along with community group organizers, school principals and respite organizations. Most of all „word of mouth‟ from families who know a child and family who might benefit from a stay at Appin Hall.

appin-hall11-pic11 appin-hall11-pic12

Ronnie and Will Hodgman

 Commissioner of Children Aileen Ashford,

Maggie and Assistant Jeanette Banks

"In addition to raising awareness about the fantastic work at Appin Hall that Ronnie and Maggie do, as well as the hundreds who volunteer there, I also want to express my support for those in the corporate sector and through community networks who consider providing support and assistance to Appin Hall to help with this most important of causes – our kids." - Will Hodgman – Leader of the Opposition – Tasmania

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2011 Australian Nurses Federation Judith Brown Burnie Salvos 

The Healing Power of Animals

We continue to be enthused at the affect our animals have on many of the visiting children. At this point in time we have 2 alpaca, 2 dogs, 2 geese, 2 cats and a diversity of birds and wildlife that reside at Appin Hall – however, we do plan to expand our animal husbandry because the outcomes have been significant and genuinely therapeutic in a variety of ways. Our growing numbers of animal residents appear to be here to serve that very purpose.

appin-hall11-pic15 appin-hall11-pic16
Curious Alpaca with Daniel  Children Feeding Alpaca

Pride of Australia National Medal Award

How honored and thrilled we all are to see Maggie win the Pride of Australia award for 'Care and Compassion' within the Australian community. The national event recognises and celebrates what makes Australians genuinely great - its people! The winners are gathered from regional and metropolitan newspapers and are beyond doubt inspirational and encouraging. They humble us and shine a light on the best attributes of the human spirit. Appin Hall is proud of Maggie‟s award and achievement because of her tireless commitment to the children we seek to support.

See Pride of Australia clip


appin-hall11-pic17 appin-hall11-pic18
Maggie with her medal  Maggie and Sydney's Father Chris Riley

Burnie Fundraising Concert a Huge Success

The outcome of Appin Hall‟s „Celebrate the Child‟ fundraising concert in Burnie (Sept. 2011) resulted in success beyond belief! Capacity of the Burnie Arts & Function Centre is 808 people – and we had a Full House! Most of the audience who attended wants to come again - so we urge people to book in advance for the next „Celebrate the Child‟ concert – otherwise you might be disappointed - because the venue is packed to the rafters at 808 people! Our sincere thanks to EVERYONE who made the „Celebrate the Child‟ concert such a success.

"When the house lights are dimmed and the spotlight illuminates the stars on stage, few people in the audience would think about the huge amount of planning and work that has preceded that magical moment. Organizing an event is exciting, challenging, exhilarating, tiring and uplifting – all at once. It involves great attention to detail, spanning opposite ends of the spectrum – everything from sourcing celebrity artists to ensuring there are enough jellybeans in the greenroom. Our recent „Celebrate the Child‟ concert was an extraordinary team effort, with a phenomenal outcome. I‟m sure everyone who attended felt, as I did, a great surge of love and coming together for a common reason. The entertainment was great, but the cause was even greater. I can‟t wait for „Celebrate the Child‟ 2012!" – Sylvia Berger

 concert-poster appin-hall11-pic19
Celebrate the Child' 2011 Poster  David, Sylvia, Cameron, Daniel & Taylor

Concert Finale with all Performers on Stage

Fundraising events coming up in 2012

Saturday 11th February 2012 'Rock 'n Roll Heaven' AUCTION Wynyard RSL
7:pm sharp to 11:pm. Featuring Ronnie Burns, Kool Daddy‟s, and Daniel Lebkowski with Auction MC Mal Metcalf.

Tickets: $15 and bookings through Wynyard RSL: 6442 2552 Bistro opens at 6:pm.

"We have autographed CDs and t-shirts from some true music icons like Frankie Valli, Michael Buble, Jimmy Barnes, John Paul Young, John Williamson and even The Wiggles!" But the auction won't just appeal to the musically minded: "We also have autographed items from Olympic swimmers Geoff Huegill and Stephanie Rice, surfing legend Kelly Slater and show business celebrities such as Michael Parkinson, John Travolta and Australian film director, Baz Luhrman."

For further information: Sylvia 6437 2836 or 0448 050 267 or Mal: 0422 995 195

'Carnival for Kids'
April 2012. A special young children's carnival event featuring Koko Clown, Sands Family Circus Troupe, The Amazing Mr. Twist (Magician), Leah Woodberry and stilt-walker Antony Neate. Event dates are;

Friday 20th April Ulverstone Sports & Leisure Centre- 6:pm show. Tickets 6430 5850 (Burnie Function Centre)

Saturday 21st April Hobart City Hall -1:30pm show time. Tickets: 6430 5850 (Burnie Function Centre)

Sunday 22nd April Launceston Albert Hall -1:30pm show time. Tickets: 6430 5850 (Burnie Function Centre)

For an electronic Flyer contact: Sylvia This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or write Post Office, Penguin, 7316

Saturday 27th October 2012, Burnie Town Hall, 7:pm. Appin Hall will again stage its annual 'Celebrate the Child' fundraising concert on Tasmania‟s north coast. The line-up TBC and may incl. David DeVito and The Old Fella runners up 'Australia's Got Talent' 2011 (Seven Network), Ronnie Burns, local electronic violinist Peter Shurley and The Shurlettes, local singer Leah Woodberry and more. Hosted by Brett Whiteley and SC-TV‟s Jo Palmer. All performers/sponsors are giving their valuable time to help Appin Hall. We want EVERYONE on the north/west coast to book early to help Tassie kids! Tickets available at Burnie Arts & Function Centre (Wilmot St) 6430 5850 Or Website:

For electronic Flyer contact: Sylvia This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or write Post Office, Penguin, 7316

appin-hall11-pic20 appin-hall11-pic21
Tim Saunders & Peter Shurley Daniel Lebkowski & David DeVito 
 appin-hall11-pic22 appin-hall11-pic23 
Reflexions Dance Studio: Boys   Reflexions Dance Studio: Girls

appin-hall11-pic24 appin-hall11-pic25
Gemma: Tasmazia's 'Crackpot Village'  Working Bee above Playing Field
appin-hall11-pic26 appin-hall11-pic27
 Tas Fire Service Volunteer Team  TFS Splitting and Stacking Firewood
appin-hall11-pic28 appin-hall11-pic29
 Maddy Young Carers Camp group 


SDS Security Working Bee

A BIG thank you to the Tolman Family for the mighty job they have done for many years - bringing loads of earth moving equipment to AH to advance this area of our project.
We could not have done it without you – working against the odds – the WEATHER!

It has been an amazing and exciting year and we would like to say we love what we do, we are undertaking what we came here to achieve - and we value all the magnificent families who come to Appin Hall. To all of our families we wish you miracles, good health with love and support. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all ...

Maggie and Ronnie outside respite centre


"Offer people love and respect and attempt to go 'into' their Journey, so to speak, without conjecture toward an invasive approach. It is vital we 'listen' - rather than be full of our own importance - whilst yabbering away with non-beneficial small talk. People suffering trauma often show great courage and humility and are gutsy enough to avoid victimhood. They have a story they wish to convey - and it is wise to shut up and allow them to speak – for within silence is much information" - Ronnie Burns

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