About National All Styles

Martial Arts practitioners, from Karate to Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, National All Styles (NAS) has the tournament circuit for you. With regular tournaments Australia-wide, State, National and International Championships, the NAS has the professional structure to suit you.

NAS has forms, point fighting, continuous sparring, team sparring, demonstrations and weaponry in an exciting range of categories for all ages and experience levels. Reports from all NAS tournaments are featured in Australasia's premier martial arts magazine, Blitz, with photos, reports and ratings for competitors from each event.

The success formula that the NAS has been built on is a truly non-biased, non-political organisation that you can be proud to be involved with. Over 10,000 competitors annually and hundreds of Officials and Instructors are already taking advantage of all the benefits. National All Styles tournaments offer a great way to test months or years of hard training, or can simply be an event for the whole family to enjoy. NAS has something for you... right now!

Call NOW or email your State Director for more information on how to participate as a competitor or official.

NAS Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to unite all true Martial Artists together.
  • To foster friendship and goodwill among all people we may meet.
  • To share friendship, knowledge and lend a helping hand to our fellow man.
  • To promote goodwill tournaments for all styles and martial artists.
  • To be fair and honest in all our dealings with all that we meet.

NAS History

Since 1984 Martial Artists from all over Australia have gathered to contest in Australia's most prestigious martial arts competition, the Australian National Allstyles (NAS).

Men, women and children of all different martial arts backgrounds have competed in this most unbiased and non-restrictive ALL STYLES event.

Karate, Kung Fu, freestyle, kickboxing, Kempo and a host of other martial arts have been able to compete in this impartial, equitable, world renowned collective of martial arts styles and forms.

This formula proved so successful in Australia that a need arose for a world tournament following the same concept, rules and regulations. Thus WASO was born in 1996, enabling martial artists from around the world to compete under rules that are suitable for all disciplines.

This open-minded approach to martial arts and acceptance of all styles has made the NAS and WASO tournaments the most enjoyable tournaments on the martial arts circuit and they will continue to grow and improve as we head deeper into the 21st century.